Design Patent Drawings

The Design Patent drawings are the drawings created to be used in the patent application to help visualize the patent to the onlooker. In order to get the right illustration of your product, you need drawing engineers who are well versed with the technical and legal field to prepare the right drawings. The USPTO have strict requirements for patent drawings along with how they are to be viewed.

Design Drawings are an integral part of a patent application. Every design patent application must include a drawing or black and white photograph of the disclosed claims. Our engineers use drawing softwares such as AutoCAD, Solid Works, VISIO etc. We also provide drawings in any format required by you and follow the guidelines provided by USPTO, EPO, JP, KR etc. depending on the regions the application the drawings will be a part of is being submitted to.

USPTO provides that the drawings can be of two types. The commonly employed in design patent application drawings are straight-line surface shading and stippling. Individually or in combination, they can effectively represent the character and contour of most surfaces.

Further, the drawings must contain multiple views to completely provide the appearance of the claims and product. The key requirements of a drawing include the below standard views:

  • Top
  • Botton
  • Front
  • Back
  • Right
  • Left
  • Perspective

Furthermore, drawings must be consistent in their visualization of the views and showcase even the most subtle aspect of the product.

Mistakes To Avoid:

  • Failing to include the right views: USPTO requires all 7 views. If you are not including all the views, it is vital that the reason is stated in the description.
  • Including photographs instead of drawings: USPTO has strict requirements and it only allows photos in certain cases.

How InventionIP can support you for Design Drawings?

InventionIP creates the exact drawings of your invention and helps visualise the product as they are.


Our experts discuss the invention’s physical aspect and visualisation along with your requirements.

Review, analysis and quotation

Your application/drawing is reviewed and accordingly the best discounted fee as per the application/drawing is quoted.

Instruction received and work begins

Post fee quotations, your instructions are awaited in order to begin your search. Accordingly, the project is delivered as required.

Why InventionIP for Design Patent Drawings?

  • We provide end-to-end drawing services in all domains.
  • With our drawing services, we help save additional resources, time and money spent on drawings by providing an impeccable service.
  • Our experts are professionally trained to deliver results with great precision and accuracy.
  • We know our clients’ needs and work continuously to ensure that their needs are met.

Design Drawings FAQ's

  • What are Design Patent drawings?

    Design Patent drawings are the drawings created to be used in the patent application to help visualize the patent to the onlooker.

  • How many drawings are on a design patent?

    Atleast one drawing is required for a patent application. Rest depends upon how many drawings are needed to illustrate your invention.

  • What are standard views?

    Standard views are usually used in engineering drawings and are one of the two types of drawings, the other being a general view.

  • What do the numbers on a patent drawing mean?

    The numbers refer to the view of the invention.

  • Can patent drawings be in colour?

    Color drawings are accepted in the US but not in international applications.