KnockOut Search

A Knockout Patent Search is a quick and straightforward patentability search to identify any identical or similar prior art search from the patent and non-patent database. The search aims to provide any likely conflict with your patent and in turn help avoid any obstacles that may arise in your patent application process.

Knockout searches are used by individuals as well as corporations who are planning on filing a patent and saving cost on accessing the patentability potential of an invention. These searches are undertaken to understand and compare novelty aspects of an application which helps in deciding whether to file for a patent or not. It is a quick and cost-effective way to understand if a patent is worth pursuing or not.
If the search provides any references or similar work, it can lead the innovators to innovate further and help seek the patent be granted. The references can again be cited in the applications as contextual references for the application.

The search is performed using all the available commercial databases, patent literature, non-literature and all possible references are taken into consideration.

A quick knockout search in the beginning of the patent process helps with saving time and cost in the future as the innovators and applicants can accordingly further their research and make changes, if any. This short investment can save any incurring cost in the future and can help speed up the process for obtaining the patent.
We provide the KnockOut search report in the required format by the invention patentee along with listing the closest references and their mapping to the key features of the idea.

How InventionIP can support you for KnockOut Search?

InventionIP creates an exhaustive KnockOut Search report for your invention so that you can accordingly make your future decisions for your application.


Our experts discuss your invention along with your requirements and set the expectations for the outcome of the project. We also ensure the confidentiality of your project.

Review, analysis and quotation

We review your application documents and accordingly share with you the best discounted fee.

Instruction received and work begins

Post sharing the fee quotations, instructions are awaited to begin your search. Once search is completed, the reports are shared with you in your requested format.

Why InventionIP for KnockOut Search?

  • We provide end-to-end patent related searches in all domains.
  • Our experts are professionally trained to deliver results with great precision and accuracy.
  • We know our clients’ needs and work continuously to ensure that the needs are met.
  • We make sure to protect the privacy of our client’s patent information through all means.

KnockOut Search FAQ's

  • What is the short time frame of patent KnockOut search?

    The search can usually take around 3-4 hours and 1-2 business days of turn-around time to complete the search and prepare the report.

  • What is a non-patent literature search?

    Any literature which is publicly available, has not been patented or is in a pending/expired status.

  • What is a patent literature search?

    Any information available and related to patents and the technical aspects of a patent is known as patent literature.

  • Do you cover the patent literature and non-patent Literature in your search report?

    Yes, we cover patent and non-patent literature in our search reports.