Provisional Patent Drafting

Provisional patent a type of patent that is drafted in order to document your interest in the invention. Although, a provisional patent is not examined unless a highly detailed non-provisional patent is filed within the next 12 months. This is a way to secure a timeline to establish a filing date.

The difference between Provisional patent applications and Non Provisional patent is that a provisional patent does not get reviewed by the examiner while a non provisional patent does get reviewed.

If drafted correctly, a provisional patent application can be an efficient and cost effective tool in obtaining “patent pending” status for a functional invention. Keep in mind that provisionals and non-provisionals are both applications for utility patents, and not for design patents.

Provisional patents are filed to save cost and time since they do not need to adhere to any required format. They enable the patent applicant to quickly and inexpensively obtain patent pending status which gives them time to expand further on their invention.

How InventionIP can support you for Patent Provisional Drafting?

InventionIP creates an extensive Patent Provisional Draft of your invention so that you can accordingly file your application.


Our experts discuss your invention along with your requirements and set the expectations for the outcome of the project. We also ensure the confidentiality of your project.

Review, analysis and quotation

We review your application documents and accordingly share with you the best discounted fee.

Instruction received and work begins

Post sharing the fee quotations, instructions are awaited to begin your search. Once the draft is completed, the reports are shared with you in your requested format.

Why InventionIP for drafting Provisional application?

  • We provide end-to-end patent services in all domains.
  • With our patent services, we help save additional resources, time and money spent on applications that may not be eligible for patent.
  • Our experts are professionally trained to deliver results with great precision and accuracy.
  • We know our clients’ needs and work continuously to ensure that their needs are met.
  • We make sure to protect the privacy of our client’s patent information through all means.

Patent Provisional drafting FAQ's

  • Who is a patent draftsman?

    A patent draftsman is an expert who drafts the patent as per the requirements of the region’s patent office based on the details and claims provided by the inventor.

  • Are drawings required for provisional patents?

    Provisional applications are not required to have drawings. However, it is a good idea to include drawings in the application.

  • What should a provisional patent include?

    A strong provisional patent should include all the important details of your invention like the name, the claims, description of the invention, name of the inventors etc.